Wiki reached maximum amount of characters

The wiki List of addons that work with 2.8 reached the maximum of characters allowed.

Any suggestions how to proceed adding addons to list in the wiki?

edit this, and continue from there perhaps.

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Great job on the google document btw! And bold move to allow anyone to edit it. I’d rethink that if i were you.

Got it, so the 4th (-ish) post is now then a new wiki. Not sure how I can make that look neatly so that it is understandable. I’ll check later on.
If I had time enough I would continue the google document.

If you ask for their permission, i can delete the replies from the ones above

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I think it’s pretty easy to roll back to prior document versions when there are issues, just like with Wikipedia, so I don’t think a malicious user can actually cause that much trouble.

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yes, If need we can also make backup (copy-paste in document where you can past links).

I have doubled the max post size so you should be good for a while. That said, the document is becoming quite long and adding some more structure will definitely help!

I’m considering adding this component to help with this - do you want to give it a try?

Oh that is super.
Would like to see some structure indeed. I’ll try to make some time for that.


Ok I have added the component. Please read the documentation and let me know how it goes?

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I checked the documentation but had an impression that there could be a few issues. Did you get that addon to work well elsewhere on this forum?
Since the example didn’t work in the Edge-browser at all, I decided to do it manually.
So I got this: Addons blender 2.80

Ok, if we’re not going to use it I’ll remove the component again. Your TOC looks good too :ok_hand:

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