Wikibooks: Noob to Pro needs more attention

I have just recently started learning blender, and as this also is my first time I try creating 3d graphics I am very dependant on tutorials to help me learn. There are obviously many good tutorials out there but as I have googled many times I’ve found the wikibook( Blender 3D: Noob to Pro very useful. It is by far the best attempt on tutorials the blender community has to offer, but unfortunately, it is rather uncomplete. I don’t want to complain, the people who have done the work have done a great job! But I would like if there would be more engagement in the project - it would help not only the people who read it, but also the whole open source community!


one thing you might want to try instead of always looking for tutorials (I’m not telling you to do this whenever you have a problem, but if you can’t find anything about it in the wikibook, manual, or on these forums) is just read/post on any problems you have on these forums. I am assuming that from what you have done in the wikibook you are able to begin modeling things you see around like pencils, pens, desks, anything you imagine etc… so if you run into any problems in modeling I suggest that you just post a question about it on the forums and that should get you probably farther than actually reading all the tutorials etc (not that that would be bad, just more time consuming)

…but unfortunately, it is rather uncomplete

Could you be more specific? What are you missing? Where can we help?

The wiki docs are not bad (having read most of it last week to get into Blender), but they do have obvious quality issues. Riddled with spelling errors, incomplete sections and outdated info. Obviously not as high as a priority as one would expect. Doesn’t help that it’s closed for editing either (yeah, I registered, but need to go to IRC next to get it…).

My first reason for registering with the wiki was the sorry state of the Dutch manual (except for an intro page, pretty much non-existent). However, since it’s likely I will be visiting the regular English docs regularly, I’d suppose I’d catch and correct the occasional error there as well (like in Wikipedia).

I did find lots of good tutorials (and those that frequent these parts and wrote them… Many thanks!). As with other 3D programs, good tutorials are probably the best way into these rather complex programs, particularly for the average newbie and provide a great backbone and showcase for the community.

Ok, one last thing and then I’ll shut up and go back to Blendering (love it so far!). One of the features I like is the usage of Python (gives me a reason to learn that as well, though I usually use other scripting), so it was with great expectations that I went to the scripts section on Probably mentioned before, but several scripts are still shown, but have 404s (page not found) behind the links. :frowning:

Those scripts that were available provided some cool added features (I only had the chance to play with a few of them!.

Annnyways, it looks like a great community that’s behind Blender (and elysiun), but it seems it could be managed/leveraged in a much better way to attract more focus to the great piece of software that Blender is…

Just my 3cts :wink:


Well at the moment there’s nothing that I really need help for to complete a project or anything, but just in general, it is “rather uncomplete”. When I came to the Mountain out of Molehills tutorial, it just stopped after a while, and that is the major concern I had, that it was not “complete”.

Some things that I’ve been trying to find though is how to make hair and fur, eyes for instance - it’s the details that matter.

way2lazy2ca: You are right, the forums is a real help and don’t be surprised if I start asking that kinds of questions here.

R!chard: I agree with everything here R!chard, it does have a great community and yes, I also think that the best way to start is with tutorials.

Some weeks before I started with Blender, I started to learn Python, it’s a great language in my opinion. It’s easy to learn, and very powerful, I’m actually quite thrilled that I have to learn more Python. You should try it too, here’s a good place to start:

Almost none of the tuts is finished.