Julian Assange is on the cover of TIME. The major leak of “diplomatic cables” has been in the news for well over a week at this point; the whole thing dubbed “Cablegate”.

So, what is your opinion of wikileaks in general: overall good or bad?

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I think the concept of Wikileaks is a good one. I think we need to have people, journalists in particular, that aren’t afraid to publish potentially embarrassing information.

I personally hope bad, bad things happen to him just for the simple fact that he decided to call this whole thing ‘cablegate’.

Usually it’s some dumb ass journalist that dubs something <scandal>gate but this idiot did it himself which is just plain wrong. I mean, come on, it doesn’t even fit the naming convention of a *gate even it you don’t take into account how annoying it is in the first place.

So here’s to hoping he gets his own sodomygate when the swedes get him in their prison system.

“Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.” Thomas Jefferson.
well, now the whole world can watch, sadly what we see isn’t very honourable at all.

uncle entity, way to focus on the trivial.

Don’t mess with the powers that be.

I find it strange that all these (Most of them) cables support the objectives of the United States government.

I believe some of the smaller leaks are perhaps genuine but the bigger stuff just seems to much of ‘good’ thing for the US gov. propaganda.

Hes a hero, a freedom fighter and a patriot, no loyalty to another, it is wrong to demand and to test ones loyalty as to a king.

i personally don’t understand any of this…
how can you release over 100’000 documents all at once? i didn’t imagine the US intelligence was so breach-able… and why legitimize wikileaks by complaining about it? it’s a website that any anonymous person can go to and post whatever they want and claim it belongs to some military organization… shouldn’t they just ignore it and claim none of it is authentic?
and why chase the person who owns the website? shouldn’t they be investigating who was releasing all these documents? isn’t it a federal offence to release documents that are classified? why don’t they talk about who released them at all?

I’m well aware that prison rape is a problem in the US and that some despicable persons (i.e. you, uncle entity) wish for people to suffer it, but I would gather that swedish prisons are more concerned with preserving the human rights of their inmates than the US prisons are.

FTR: I think WikiLeaks is a good thing. Governments must not keep secrets from the population they serve.

WikiLeaks doesn’t. They release them in parts.

That is incorrect. WikiLeaks is not a wiki, at least not anymore. Submissions are fact-checked before being released.

They most likely are. Look up previous releases by WikiLeaks on Wikipedia; in some cases, the whistleblower was discovered and arrested.

Because their main problem is the leak being published. They (e.g. politicians calling WikiLeaks a terrorist organization) now try to harm WikiLeaks by tarnishing its image.

So…umm…nobody thinks it’s relevant that this guy is getting done for rape?

Apparently it takes a scumbag to know a scumbag.

If you have pending criminal charges it’s probably best not to make yourself a media super-star.

Either way the ball bounces someone is going to start asking why the DA (or whatever they have over there) in this case isn’t doing their job while this guy is running around giving interviews on Oprah and such.

Unless you believe those two women shouldn’t be able to pursue justice against their alleged attacker because they might be tools of a politically motivated smear campaign.

You know, ‘preserving the human rights’ and all that…

Since when is exposing the truth is an act of terrorism, what does the government have to hide, they are the ones that demand loyalty, they did it to themselves, they will never control there own reflection, we all know they indoctrinated people to enslave them. And they believe just because you are a “law bidden” citizen, that gives them the right to take advantage and control there constituent. Its nothing more then a detraction from the truth. (So help me God)


I don’t really get this thread, but it’s entertaining haha.

Sorry for the useless post.

We live in a society where people see normal that our controllers lie to us or do things secretly.
Even some of the sheeps get in anger when some brave person tries to fight this nonsense.
What a planet.

Daddy do you want to play the secret game ? Keep an eye on those that move people, it would end just like the remake of lolita. We know how they work

At the risk of being a cynic, you can tell people all day that the Government is corrupt, but unless the majority of people get so angry they take up arms, there is minimal impact on the general populous. A site like that will ruin some careers (maybe) but thats about it. Joe Schmoe will make a joke about it and go back to Monday Night Football, or some awful pseudo-talent competition. So I will say the overall impact of the site is basically nil, because generally nobody cares.

Edit: I should say people care enough to talk about it and complain, but that’s about the extent of it.

Corruption happens rather you like it or not, its the human thing to do, anyone believe that something can’t be corrupted is not a world I wish to live in, To be dehumanize to serve “society” isn’t going to benefit anyone.

panem et circenses

…and beyond that, people don´t care because they can´t change it conviniently.
I think wikileaks is good with some reservations. The means don´t always justify the cause, putting goverments pants down in the spotlight does not justify to sacrifice some pawns from the game - which more less happened with making names of moles, snitches and some that got fliped public.