WILD BIRD 3D Animation

Hello, here is other 3D model created on Blender 2.49a.




Nice Animation. Good work.

Very nice animation. I like the work you guys do at the labs. Very nice. But I would never use you. I just couldn’t stand to pay someone to finish my work for me. If you can’t finish your work than you really don’t need to be in that field. That’s my opinion. But seriously. great job man and give my regards to the labs.

Hey ! Thanks my friend…by the way haven’t seen you around BAC lately. BAC #5 is around the corner !

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment. I am not quite sure if I understood the whole point of your thoughts. I agreed on what you said; however you have forgotten couple of key points as:

Most customers “have the money”, they have not programming or 3D background skills whatsoever…(they have other stuff that make them happy after all ) then is when you come to play providing your help. (Symbiosis)…

Second; never forget the time frame, I am obligated once in a while to seek help because time frame is pressuring me…no hard feeling on this.

Where did you get your shoes? I bet you bought them, however; a shoes’ maker would said: I can’t stand to wear shoes that someone else made for me! Chain of life my friend we got to get used to it! Enjoy what you do.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!..

Nice Man! i think that if you try to make it walk with the legs more near from each other will looks more a realisitic!

the rig is very impressive