WILD BIRD 3D Animation

Hello, here is other 3D model created on Blender 2.49a.




Nice !!! Good rigging :yes:.

Heh, loved it, and the presentation was great. Very nice work (one day I might get there). I am one not to critic anyone’s work but if you could get some rigging into the toes/talons/claws I think that would work much better when walking instead of all moving at once. Like said not one to critique… great work. Reminds me I need to attempt to work on a parrot.

Hey Not at all. Thanks for pointing it out. I had all the toes rigged, however I made the center toes the master for all of then for lazy animation days…I did it really fast. Well look at this attachment, it shows the toes as expected.

Thanks for your lines.


Thanks for your comment !

nice work dude!

the feet are a bit weird
I think birds end up more on their “tippy toes” when the foot is back
or they don’t have such a large flat section on the ground

I’m not exactly sure what it is but something’s up with the feet

other than that - great rigging and animation
nice work


Yes that’s true. Birds don’t have those feet neither the horn etc. I was trying to make it look more science fiction, monster feet, horn looking like a crow…etc. It might look better with some sort of real bird feet, it might worth the try…:spin:

Thanks for your comment !

Hey getting ready for BAC #5?

I’ve been trying to find a good reference video
but it’s hard

but it might be cool if the toes hit first and then spread
like this video (just watch the foot)

and this video has great toe action before the contact but no toe splay

BAC#5 - waiting and ready
just finished a freelance job yesterday so I got time now
It would be great to do a quadruped rig

Birds don’t have those feet neither the horn etc.

Cassowaries has a structure on their head similar to that.


Hey nice bird. The modeling looks good and clean and your animation is great :slight_smile:

My only concern with it is the particle fur… there doesn’t seem to be enough of it and the colour just doesn’t feel right. Maybe if you add some more and make it a bit lighter with some spec then it would look better. Also in my opinion, I think the scene looked better without the background image, like in your original post. But it still looks good as is. Nice work.


Hey Thanks for the reference. I watched those videos. I am going to make the toes touch the ground first and then spread a bit. I though about re modeling the whole leg…but I kind of like the Dinosaur-monster looking…I still want to see how it would look with bird legs…uhmmm…meantime: touch up the walkcycle for more realism.

Thanks for your opinion Waylow; very useful


Thanks for your reference shots. I really like those big eyes. Full of color too. The legs look like a real bird. I am still thinking to re design the legs. However I would try to get some bump map for those type of feet.

Thanks for your input !


Thanks for your comment. Adding some specularity to the fur and make its color a bit lighter are good points I will do in the next revision. Adding more fur could be done as well, however I want the skin to bee seen trought…you know kind of nasty looking bird with pink skin…that’s my main point. The skin texture can be improved (bump map, tonalities may be UV maps etc )…well that would be other chapter.

Thanks so much for your valuable opinion.

I think I know the sketch on the right…
btw, nice model. The animation looks good from the lateral view, but incorrect from the front, the bird should move more on the sides as he walks.


Every animal is beautiful but that thing is… BLEH!.. :wink:

Anyway quite nice job. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input, I will check that front view walk cycle.


ha ! thanks for your comment!