Wild Chair :)

(DreamMaster) #1

http://www.dm7.net/gallery2/gallery/blender/chairsmc is done for SMC, inspired me to do this… a chair in WIP… hehehhe

http://www.dm7.net/gallery2/gallery/blender/chair3 that’s my latest creation.

Any suggestions? I know texturing suck… I was mainly focus at sketching what I had in my mind before I forget about it. :wink: That’s why it’s a WIP.

(blengine) #2

lol what a great design! looks like abarbers chair mixed with a spaceship, lol…and the texturings pretty good too :wink:

(DreamMaster) #3

Ha ha ha! :slight_smile:

You’re too funny. I’m looking for some suggestions (I’d make it professional like yours!)… so I need some serious suggestions please! :wink:

Anyways, I’m going to work on the textures soon…

(paradox) #4

Very nice, looks like a wild ride. Suggestions, the two square things I assume where you put your feet, maybe add some ridges for increase grip also think black would be a better color for that part (just my opinion) and maybe add a seatbelt. ha ha

Great picture though.


(DreamMaster) #5


Umm, good idea… and that seat belt sounds fun to add! Indeed.

(BgDM) #6

HA HA! Great image. I assume those rockets are for propelling the seat forward? If not, they would be great to launh at you monitor when Windows crashes to the blue screen of death! :wink: