Wild craft!

i wan’t to do a remake of minecraft with better graphic in blender and this is the result, tell me if you like it:yes: or not:mad:!
here some screen on real time with all the filters!


Looks good, but I do like not the slime(the position of his eyes and mouth).
I sad in the screenshots that the game does have not HUD(specifically inventory), but there is buildings, so you just put the cubes in the vierport or in realtime, or you just removed the inventoy for the screenshots?
The mobs have an AI?
And the most important question, what about the performance? I’m meaning about render cubes, are you using individual cubes? or it is just one object? is there just one layer of sand or there’s all the 60(it is only an example) layers of cubes(rock, sandstone, and sand)?

Looks good but, is all your environment separate voxels? Or just a giant object? Your profiler is -very- hard to believe.

It seems to be a merged object.
I get similar results with uneven terrain and foliage (over 3 times more faces).

Question is, is it done dynamically?

I would really like to know how you do it because it looks amazing with the shaders.
I can’t get the shadows to work properly even :).
Maybe give some advice?

And damn, you cranking out games like there’s no tomorrow!

Yeah I would like to see a video of him digging…

Or a .blend

Either way, its a good start,
I have no issue, infact I highly encourage people to take up making remakes or inspired clone in Blender as a learning exercise.

so the game is not gonna be a real remake minecraft game but i want to make a game in wild west with a story dialog ecc… yes the mobs for now are the creeper the slime and the horse and all of this one have a singular AI, the sand is a big object the cactus and the others things are separated.