Wild strawberries

Hello everyone this is my job, which I did about 2 weeks, postprocessing in Gimp.

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Nice! Too bad I’m too amateur for that kind of stuff hehe

Good render! What was your inspiration for it?

wow, nice! love the feel of it. This need more VIEW

This is very nice, although the blur may be a bit heavy handed. I want to see your models better! Great composition though, and cute idea :smiley:

Picking strawberries)

Thanks, I will try to do) slowly rendered

I love this!

Not an ordinary composite

if it nor secret:
1-render time?
2-samples count?
3-render on gpu?
4-if it possble can we see raw render without compose?

Wonderful, well done!

Yes of course it not secret, render time about a little more hour, about 300-400, render CPU because my GPU not supported,
unfortunately I have left the version without compose, thanks for questions.

Great work! it is inspiring!