Wild Tank

I had a 3D scan of a toy tank just chilling in my assets folders, so I made something from it, I hope you enjoy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So, here’s some cool insight, So I recently started using Topaz Studio for some post stuff. I didn’t use it in this artwork, I felt like it just took away from the artwork, but I can make these renders look like paintings, which is awesome, as setting photoshop to make a render look like a painting is a pain to work with, here’s the painting version of the image, tell me what you think as it is super powerful and cool to work with

Anyways here are some links to check out :grinning:

and here’s a link to my Patrion, I wouldn’t recommend joining it yet as I want to fill it up with a load of stuff for you all to benefit from, but if you want to support my work, here’s a good place to do that and to also get something out of it!