Wild Water


I’m at school now, and a bit bored :slight_smile: so here’s an very old pic by me… trying to make “wild water”.

and just another tiny work :wink: nothing to do with the water

Those are beautiful. How did you make the water?

Nice refraction in the last one. Did you used a plug-in in blender or did you rendered it in an external renderer?

nope. all pure blender… I did upload the files… but they dont work nomore :confused:

-> the packed script (just a little, setting the empty) is damaged. my belnder crashes opening them. but it worked on windows. -> could someone save them without! the script? and upload it?

the file 0.5_temp… thx :smiley:


Ich wolte, aber, ich kann kein script. Sag mal, was soll ich?

? -> though I know german… I just dont understand :slight_smile: please write in english…

here again what my problem is:

This file has an empty (env_empty) which is liked to a script. Now the script does not work somehow… Blender just crashes… :frowning:

I could open it in times useing windows :).

I just did it! With 2.23… I’ll upload the new files today.


Hi, Chimera

Good job… well done… :smiley:

PS.: Actualy I have downloaden and still have some of your old files… (and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one…) if you need, I could mail it for you… give me a pm here or in blend.polis… you could also mail.

Haha, sorry my German is so bad,…It’s been almost 20 yrs. since I was there. Anyway, I’m glad you got it working now. It’s really a nice piece(s) of art.

thx modron and fobos.

well acctualy these are old files :). I just have some serious problem linking a script with an object. If I set “Changing Framed” there’s no Problem. Setting “Redraw” crashes Blender somehow :).

I really hope ODE support will be once so far to support water :D.


btw… the sky of the following (as posted above) is all with pure blender textures