Wild West Themed Game

Project “Therron” has been postponed until school has stopped being so time consuming for my colleague and I. So we have decided to shift into a much simpler game to work on in the mean-time so that we aren’t so over-whelmed and swamped by it. So we settled on an old Wild West version of “Trouble in Terrorist town” except you can choose to be a bandit or a police officer. And spectators can be civilians, because we want bandits to be able to hide amongst crowds, and not to be recognised immediately.

Here is a full list of pre-production ideas.


No horses.

Small sandbox
- Cops and civilians

Spaghetti western setting

Bail on destruction of jail

Robbers earings can be used to purchase new stuff

Arms dealers, back alley and official shops

Sheriff on “cops” team, no leader on robbers team

Teams capped at a specific (server specified amount) number
- Spectators can play as civs
- Max civs = 10
- Max cops = 10
- Max robbers = 10

Sherrif starts with shotgun, dies, no more shotgun :C
- Civilian randomly selected into cops or robbers team when player dies

Crime to kill civilans, bounty increases
- Killer collects bounty, have to deliver body
- Mask discounts bounty

Civilians (Non-spec) start with $500
- When they die they start with nothing
- Civs spawn away from policey mans

Police spawn at jail building

Knives cheap alternative, throwing knives more expensive
- 2 throwing knives, half price of guns
- Assasinations, qwhip out and back stab, mouse movement for assasination action

Cops start with revolver
- Sheriff starts with shotty

Variants of weapons
- Molotov
- 3 tier of revolver
- 2 tiers of shotgun
- 2 rifles, iron and scope

Admin limbo
- An admin can eject a player to this limbo so that they can talk to the player
1 to 1, so that a player breaking custom server rules can be addressed in the
case that they may have missing
the message.

And here is a small video demonstrating what we have for lighting and models so far. (Note, the mannequin is NOT a part of the game, merely a lighting test object)

Therron will most likely be picked up after this project is complete and my friend and I have finished our courses next year.

Thanks for you attention,

Edit: Also, if you watch the video, I hope you like Queen because I may have accidentally forgotten to remove the audio.