Wilier Izoard XP

Hi all,

my first post on this forum - glad to finally join in on the fun! This is my Wilier Izoard road bike, rendered with Cycles (wireframe done in BI).

How did you pull off all the tubular stuff? Especially where the tubular sections meet and blend? This is an awesome model.

Hi, and thanks for your feedback! The tubes are just curves (using a Bezier circle as a bevel object) converted into meshes. The top tube and down tube both use two different bevel objects since their shapes change along the way. After converting them into meshes it was simply just a question of merging them with the head tube and seat tube by cutting holes and bridging edge loops.

The bottom bracket was a real pain with all the different shapes and sizes…it certainly could need a bit more work.

Welcome to the forums! looks like your fun is just beginning:) Love your work, excellent modelling skills!

Thank you! Just checked your Vimeo page - good stuff!!