Will 32bit Blender work in Windows 64bit?

Pretty self explantory question. Thinking of getting a new PC and I was wondering if the 32bit version of Blender would work as well as it would on a 32bit system.

Also, how does the 64bit version of Blender differ from the 32bit as its still in an experimental stage?

I have Vista 64 running Blender 32 bit on a 8 processor system with 6GB RAM and it works just fine.

there is though still the memory limit of a 32bit’s app, obviously.

it depends on the processor. amd64 chips work the best with 32 bit programs but they had to limit them to achieve that. amd64 are slower on 64 bit programs, they can run them but not as fast. for pure 64 bit programs intel chips will run faster but be slower on 32 bit programs.

I’ve used both types today (windows xp 32 and vista 64), both work fine. There may be some nitty gritty with differences, but at a guess - most would be to do with overall performance and limits, not individual features and such. 32 bit should load fine on a 64 bit system.

Can’t help more than that though.