Will AI replace artists?

Okay, i know it’s a weird question. But i’m looking at modern AI that allow you to create your own realistic character by a few clicks of mouse and… i am just wondering - maybe it is not best time to begin 3d artist career? Maybe it is too late for me to start? I’m young. Still. But i feel like being artist is exactly what i need. I like creativity and art and i want to became an artist myself, but i doubt the humanity will need me in, let’s say, ten years. I feel a bit frustrated because of it.

you been watching too many movies i think. i have a feeling artists will be around for a long long time.

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Many tedious and cumbersome tasks will be supported by A.I. But especially as an artist who has to keep an eye on the whole, you will probably only be replaced at the very end.
The unbelievable number of competitors would worry me more if you want to earn money with it. But for art… Mastering Blender means mastering the most comprehensive artistic tool, in the future.

A.I. …what are we talking about? …Templates, Add-Ons, Alphas, Shaders, …
Graswald routine renders… Mixamo Animations, or Z-Brush stamps, maybe Photogrammetry ?.. Or my favourite the Smart Materials…

2020 Effortless :sunglasses: (edit: errrrm, if you take the current WHO spam out of the equation)

you need it, so take it as a hobby… what humanity needs, study well

From my point of view, tools (including AI) are going to remove more and more technicalities in the workflows. This is going to further lower the barrier of entry, as it has been happening in the past years.
Nevertheless, I don’t see artists being replaced at all. What I see is, artists being able to focus more on the actual art, rather than the technicalities. Even though the tools are going to allow more people to use them, I am convinced you are going to see whether someone truly mastered the craft or not.

There are going to be a lot of changes with that, which requires artists to be flexible. But as far as I can see, that is already the case right now. I can imagine that artists might become less specialized.


I openly wait more comfortable solutions as to create 3D it is still hard&time consuming, but mind is filled with whole massive worlds and universes. AI would be best to happen to get help for creation, not fighting with how to do this and how that for everything.

I am visual user not command and numbers user and thats why i eagerly wait that every Blender version gives something better and faster than it was before. I need to iterate a lot but without wasting too much time.

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AI will never be able to get an original idea - it cannot “see pictures in it’s head”, it’s only “mixing and matching” from existing stuff. As long as YOU can do that…I think you’re good.

Unless they figure out some way to COMBINE a human brain with a computer somehow, which, with something like Elon Musk’s pig chip, may not actually be too far off!!! I dunno.

I hope just that this doesn’t mean that we get art made by a pig :rofl:

The problem right now is that “CG is ginormously labor-intensive, therefore expensive.” Look at the trailer of any movie and the CG credits just roll on forever. Obviously, there is a need to be able to do the same work while employing fewer expensive people.

Now, it may seem heretical for me to say that to a bunch of people who are looking to be one of those “expensive people,” but a whole lot of what these people are doing is pure drudgery. Necessary drudgery, exacting manual work, but not particularly “creative.” To the extent that we can leverage computer technology to eliminate any part of that manual drudgery, we will enable more people to be artists. We’ll be able to use, perhaps, the same number of people but in completely new and different ways – to make movies even more amazing than we now can.

We are working in a field that was of course created by computer technology, and as it continues to grow “by leaps and bounds” the opportunities only increase.


@notapopstar wrote:

Will AI replace artists?

Yes. Next question.

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AI is artificial intelligence. That’s not the same as random generation. Not even close.

I disagree with you general statements about AI. I don’t see a reason why AI shouldn’t be able to come up with original ideas. Original ideas are often a combination of existing ones which result in something new. Sometimes some component is an actual novelty, but even for those, I don’t see why AI couldn’t come up with them.
There have been cases where AI actually came up with original ideas. One of the most well known ones is AlphaGo, which is even described as being creative.


Real Intelligence maybe non-computable. Creativity is more than throwing stuff at a canvas.
AI is an marketing term. There is no real intelligence.

some AI will become artists, but they will not replace artists

(I assume it will be easier for them to replace humanity:sweat_smile:)

The most fun thing about AI is that, while we strive to “push its limits,” we are really studying ourselves.

“This is sundialsvc4’s computer, and I agree with that statement. His left shoe is untied.”

Ok, I make a little blog post on this a few weeks ago, and this is churning in my head for a year or so.

The point is automatisation in other sectors rarely replaces jobs in their first stages, most of the time it supports the work or replaces up to 80% of the tasks involved, allowing the original worker, who now operates the machine to do higher quality and/or quantity output. Or give him time to operate multiple machines,
And that what we will see in artistic jobs also. You will not get a box sitting at your place replacing your job, but some “intelligent assistants” allowing you to do your job faster and more effective.

So basically you and your AI assistants will make the workload of two to 5 artists at the same time…and that will kill the jobs. Your creativity isn’t replaced (yet) but you will face a dimishing job market on the long run. Especially since it might be possible that lower skilled labour could also do the job if those assistants become better

And yes this will happen, since as already mentioned the pressure for AI replacement is much higher on costy jobs.

And sites like artbreeder (for conceptign ideas) is just the beginning.


Not everyone can be an artist ,not even Ai ,but an artist can come from anyone

Andrew Price had some interesting thoughts about this very subject a couple of years ago, and I tend to agree with his outlook. A lot of low-level/low-creativity jobs will disappear – roto, retopology, UV, motion tracking, etc will all be replaced (and are being replaced currently by automated technology).

Thats why i hope in future even basic things will just be replaced by simplified usability UI stuff in Blender that make life 100 times more better and faster to iterate and produce stuff, from remeshing(QuadRemesher quality) to simple baking without messing too much settings(only if really needed). Look how easy is to bake hi poly to low poly in Substance Painter for example. There are tons of things to automate inside Blender. Maybe AI itself is overkill for now but automation is keyword(for now at-least).

Maybe if development goes on we will get superior automation with AutoRemesher to eliminate need for ancient retopo work by hand(mostly i hope at least).

Very fine example how AI can help you to iterate world and you command and think what you like.

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