Will all models made in 2.4 alpha be usable in 2.4 final?

I have spent a bit of time making a lego man model (yes, I really am a slow learner) with the aim of using him as a basis for animating (because he only has a few moving parts!).

Looking around I have seen a few people comment that if you are rigging a model you are best to start looking at the new versions method of rigging.

The only thing I am worried about is that I might load my model in to the alpha then find that for whatever reason it might not load in to the final.

Will my model be ok? Historically has this been a problem at all?

Thanks in advance.

Everything is pretty much finalized, we do the beta at probably the end of the week or so, so you should be safe using it. Only changes now are interface, bug fixes, and adding api stuff for python scripts.


regarding models - blender has had extreme forwards and backwards capability.


From lurking about I have got the impression that Blender has been good about version compatibility, I really just needed to make sure before loading on the alpha and trying to re-rig him especially as knowing my luck I was sure I would end up with the one version that wasn’t compatible and I would have to start over :slight_smile: