Will an 18 or 19 volt notebook adapter work instead of 18.5 volts

My notebook’s power adapter broke. I was looking to get a universal one from newegg, but they don’t have one that outputs 18.5 volts. Will 18 or 19 work, what are the dangers and drawbacks. My laptop doesn’t have much power left.

You have to be careful, especially with DELL. Many manufacturers put ID chips in their power adapters and if you use a 3rd party adapter your battery will not load.


dont worry …your laptop wont burn your adapter will …i had lost my MSI’s adapter and then used the HP’s
but the laptop was totally okay and the adapter burned badly “gaming PC’s get hot”

0.5 volt wont blow up your battery. It’s safe.

Does the amperage matter as well?

Of course.

volts(V) / amps(I) = resistance®

You can mix and match as long as everything equals out as in;

18V / 3 = 6
19V / 3.16 = 6

Basically as long as V / I <= (original)R you’re good but if you up the resistance then you tend to catch things on fire.

The tolerance levels of these things are quite high… my HP power adapter should deliver 18V nominally. Measured: ~14.5V. Half a volt will not to any harm, it wont even be noticed.