will Blend run/render on win98 w/ savage4 card?

hi im a first timer here. ive always been fascinated with GNU and such. Im familiar with Gimp and some other programs and im also and electronic music producer.

I now would like to get into 3d amination. Ive searched the forums and also checked the various blender sites to check for support for a savage 4 card on win 98 . I would like to know if blender runs correctly before i go out and buy the books and such to teach myself.

I noticed that at blender3d that the program runs but poorly on savage 4 on win nt but its untested on 98.

I have loaded the program and the windows runs fine, but i havent found any sort of temples or something where i can test how it runs. i also have the latest drivers and the open gl drivers already installed. for my savage 4 card

if someone could give me some nice advice it would be much appreciated.

if you can minimize and restore the Blender window without crashing (That’s what it does here, SuperSavage S4, XP), you should be pretty much alright.


Go through some of the tutorials and do some modelling!

If everything works, you can buy the books.

Hi Sup909, nice to meet another music programmer.

I run Blender on a Savage 4 quite often and have encountered a few problems. It can’t draw all of the GUI, baffles me completely as I have the latest drivers etc. but don’t let this put you off, I’m sure it’s just an isolated case.

Welcome to elYsiun,


thanks a ton for the advice guys. yeah the main screen loads correctly and there doesnt seem to be any distortion and such. i will test out some of the examples you linked to and see how they work