Will Blender 2.4 composite audio?

Somewhere on the Orange Project discussion boards, I recall someone asking what software would be used to composite the audio and video. The answer, as I remember it, was “Blender”.

Does anyone know if this is going to happen in 2.4 (or if it’s already there and I just haven’t noticed)?

you can add audio and video sequences in the sequence editior

get the audio mixed into a file use the mixdown button [render buttons?.. I don’t know]

unfortunately rendering video will NOT combine the sound with the video, you’ll have to do that in another application [for now]

When in the Scene buttons (F10), there are 3 options to the right of it, render buttons, anim/playback buttons, and sound block buttons. Its in the latter in 2.37. I’m not sure if it changed in 2.4.


I know you can compile and edit audio and output as audio only but the response on the Orange Project suggested that AV compositing was in the works suh that Blendfer would be used for final output rather than comppositing externally.

However, if 2.4 isn’t going to do it, can anyone suggest a freeware compositor for Mac? I’m currently using Hyperengine AV but frankly, it’s just plain odd. Some things don’t work as expected others don’t even work as documented. It’s not remotely intuitive.

I’ve tried FFmpegX (an OS X GUI for FFMPEG as I understand it) but the “Add Audio” feature just doesn’t work at all. MAybe I’ll have to keep looking for an update.

Try using ffmpeg without the gui front end. I don’t know if OSX has a console version but the one I have for Ubuntu runs fine.

ffmpeg -i 0001_0250.avi -i sound.wav combine.mpg

( http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/documentation.php )

Many formats are supported, including mov… which should be useful for people wanting to put animations on a website ( and not wanting to touch wmv :stuck_out_tongue: )