Will Blender 2.8 have 'snap to ground' tool?

I just happened to be watching a video about keyshot, and it had a button that would make any selected object snap to the ground plane, without any part of the object dipping below it.
I’m constantly manually adjusting object’s height to get them just right sitting on the ground plane. its tedious. I’ve tried shift+s selection to grid - and the other options but they are nowhere near as good… Selection to grid will snap it to the center of the grid and by center of geometry so it will be half below and half above the plane. Also this only snaps it to grid not a ground plane./
Many folks add a plane for ground and then manually adjust objects to sit on it just right… this is time consuming… A snap to ground button would be awesome.

In 2.79, you can do it with align objects operator that is working with a simple plane.
In 2.8, the operator is sending an error because it is in fact, a script that was not upgraded.

But it should be working when 2.80 will be released.

To drop something on an irregular ground, there are probably scripts for 2.79. There will be some for 2.80.

You can just snap to vertex/surface on Z axis, with closest component snapping. No need for a ‘snap to ground’, a ‘snap to airplane’ and a ‘snap to alligator’ : you can do anything with these snap settings, with the right combination !


Ah yes, turn on snapping with the magnet icon, then set it to face. it worked. thanks.