Will Blender 2.8's UI make it easier to operate it?

(Martynas Žiemys) #41

I think we should bring the speed of the pie menus to Blender somehow. They do make sense. They sometimes work very well in Maya.

(Zinogg) #42

and to add to the conversation, the first time i opened zbrush, i thought who the freaking alien made this UI, it felt so awkward & took me a long time to get used to it, i bet if any newbie sees this will cry… but you have to go through the uncomfortable zone to reach ur goals.

my custom UI.

(m9105826) #43

ZBrush was originally designed to mimic the common layout of a physical sculptors workspace (tools at one hand, material at the other, armature, etc.), but they long ago outgrew that paradigm. But it goes to show what pains people will go through to use your tool when you’re the best there is. And it IS pretty much infinitely customizable. I’ve seen some really pretty ZBrush GUI setups, but it does take time and knowledge of the product to get there.

(Zinogg) #44

that’s true, my point however, zbrush wasn’t made for beginners in mind, it will take you twice the time to learn/master compared to other packages and it’s main functionality is just sculpting/modeling.

(Romanji) #45

But you also don’t need to master it to get good results.
I always reuse the same 20 functions and the same 10 brushes.
Beginners often make the mistake to get intimidated by the complexity of a program, when in fact most artist don’t use more than 10% of all the stuff there is.

(Zinogg) #46

for beginners that’s true because it’s expected ,but artists always try new techniques and workflows to improve their work, softwares evolve quickly and so is the industry…if you are a lead or supervisor with 15-20 years of experience then you are expected to have well rounded knowledge about the software,u don’t want to dragged the project because of your lack, hence sticking to 10% is a bad choice because the industry is very competitive and mastery is a key.