will blender and yafray EVER get along?!

top is done in blender 2.37… bottom after some items added… was done in yafray. 0.8

CONSIDERABLE differences… some good… some bad… the lighting is DEFINATLY more forgiving and user friendly in blender… alowing the imo fantastic sheen on the gold plating… caused by extra lighting… which had to be REMOVED in the yafray version becuase it caused a white out effect.

in blender… the gems look… plastic… yafray they look very much more realistic…

the collar… is as it should be int he blender version… and aquired somehow. a bit of toon edging in the yafray version as well as some of the glass and the box beneath the counter… and no. the edge setting was NOT on.

the gold not only looks better in the blender version… but is more clearly defined… the etching in the yafray version is blurry and less defined…

caustics did NOT work one bit… xml off simply crashed my system with a blender.exe error… as well as any yafray setting that was reasonably high… guess my computewr just isent powerfull enough…

transparencies arent even working in yafray… the gems… the glass and the bottle are CLEARLY not transparent… even worse… the shadows were also solid black in yafray and requires an GI boost to get them to difuse down a bit… killing the rest of the natural lighting of the image… another problem… is the glass… and the bottle… are the SAME MATERIAL… just different color… and the bottle look slike cheap plastic compared to the glasses briliance…
we SERIOUSLY need to find a way to get these 2 programs to work togeather to make some impressive images.

Blender and Yafray have different rendering methods and don’t give the same result by just changing the Blender/Yafray button. Spend some time in learing YafRay and the differences between yafRay and Blender renderings and you’ll get the results you want.

i believe i found a solution… as long as its not animation >.<
ive rendered the base image in blender to get most the look i wanted… being yafray exceled in glass and gem… i rendered them by themselvs in yafray… then exported them as a transparent background…i i dont know if its possible to make the whole image transparent as it should… aka rendered glass actually having an alpha value in the rendered image for photoshop editing… but… layer opacity fixes that.

lil bit of tweaking… and some skillfull layering… i got what i felt was the best image that ill be able to manage.

as for learning yafray… it REALLY taxes my pathetic p100 processer… and most its settings will crash blender when on.

PS the final image is listed at my Deviant Art www.dfstormbringer.deviantart.com