Will BLender be included with Linux Distros?

(Phrangkk) #1

I was just looking into Mandrake 9 and checking out the included programs and saw the Gimp.
This made me wonder if Blender (now GPL) will ever be included in such a package.
This would save newbies like me the added effort of installing it ourselves.

(slikdigit) #2

I think blender is already in some linux distros. (2.23 is in gentoo, and I think maybe debian?)

(Eric) #3

Nope debian wouldn’t put any other sofware than open source sofware in it…But now when Blender finally is I think it will be included into most dists.

(slikdigit) #4

from the debian package list (on their website)

blender 2.23-0.1 [non-free]
Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer cadu

nyah nyah!

(z3r0 d) #5

Blender 2.23 (static) in mandrake 8.2 standard
(and it includes a few more files … sorta tutorials (that are available online))

btw, that is a version of mandrake you must (gasp) pay for.

oh, and static linked blender has better compatibility, but if you want usuablility (as in a reasonable running speed), you’ve got to dl the dynamic version.

(Timothy) #6

apt-get install blender, works for me in debian :slight_smile: