will blender ever be as good as a maya or 3ds max?

was woundering, with blender developing fast, could blender ever be as good as maya?

(i know, stupid question, but just woundering what people thought)

probably not until several major corporations invest money into improving it like has been done for max [less so] and maya

however, you can’t really compare blender and max or maya too directly, the methodologies aren’t that similar with the UI or development [or most understandably, licensing]

These types of threads are pointless. On CGtalk, they automatically lock any thread that involve app wars; we should do the same.

I think it depends largely on the number of coders working on it. currently there is only a handful. This might change as more users become programmers. I am trying to learn python even though i am among the math inept. I hope that some day I can make my own contribution to the Blender source code.

blender has a totaly different aproach to the subject cgi. it will never look like maya or max. its main aim is to provide people a tool that is small, fast and has a good interface.

and dont forget: its not the tool. its the artist.

Will an apple grow to be an orange?

I think Blender is aimed at a different niche of users than 3DS Max or Maya. 3DS Max and Maya are for professional production pipelines. Although Blender was formerly created as an in-studio tool, it no longer serves that purpose. At the moment, Blender is, and continues to be for the forseeable future, aimed at hobbyists and independent artists.

If the issue here is features between Blender, 3DS Max, and Maya, then perhaps the comparison is valid. However, Blender is not yet as good as 3DS Max and Maya from a large-scale production perspective – feature film animations for visual effects, for example. It still lacks the integration and interoperability that large commercial applications possess. There are also subtle technical and workflow features not supported by Blender. For indepent artists and hobbyists, Blender is certainly one of the best choices for cheap 3D software.

Some are quick to assume that Blender will “catch up”. It should be remembered that commercial software is also in constant development, although the rate and volume of updates are in larger increments than for open-source software like Blender. Make no mistake, 3DS Max and Maya are growing, and for Blender to “catch up” to them in the near future (ie. within the next 5 years or so), there will need to be some very rapid development on Blender’s part, and significant development blocks for 3DS Max and Maya.

Blender is growing steadily as we speak and is apparently accelerating as more and more people start using blender and code for it. But to get to the big apps that would require some major developement of right now a near impossible scale.

Will Blender catch Maya & 3D Studio Max [LightWave & Cinema 4D also]

As soon as they start selling it for $7000!!!

Blender is FREE, if you compare it to other Free 3D programs, it is way better, leaps and bounds above.
So just that Blender is comparable to these “Professional” apps truly is amazing :wink:

It’s all about bulding with the tools you have,
if one of us (I’m geussing it applys to all) tryed jumping into say, Maya,
we’ed come run’n home :smiley: LOL

Every day it seems like blender is improved. Harkymans blender people, for instance, will shore up another big gap between ourselves and maya. Not long ago who’d have thought we would have an on board raytracer? I’ll wait and see what Blender brings rather than form an opinion at this time I think. :wink:

this is a pointless questions that appears every now and then…