Will blender have an antialiased baking system? Ever?

Its been a while since I have been waiting for antialiased baking,but it seems like nothing is going on.
Is it that hard to implement this in blender? Right now the results are really bad,odd jerky edges ruin the texture.

It’s probably not that hard, I guess nobody cares. It’s also not really a big problem, you can just render at 4x or 8x resolution and downsample the image.

Well,having to use high res images would take a lot of time to bake something(yeah, AO)…

If you had Antialiasing that would inevitably mean taking more samples, which increases render time as well. If you render your AO image at twice the resolution (by which I mean e.g. 512x512 instead of 256x256), you can reduce your AO samples by a factor of 4 and you will essentially get the same-quality result.
To be clear: Rendering at twice the resolution and downsampling is the same as rendering with 4x full-sample antialiasing.

Depending on your application I am not sure that anti-aliasing will help you that much. Probably what you want to is use the margin setting to render enough texture around the edges of your uv’s that you don’t see the stair stepping effect.

Ok,so then we will have to just use the high res texture tehnique.It would be cool to have AA though.