Will blender pack any external python modules upon export?

Say you are using a special python module that is not included by default (as in you downloaded it and are referencing the script). How would you ensure that it is included/is usable in the exported game?


You have to make it internal if you want it packed. External ones stay external and you have to place them in the game folder. It’s just a guess.

No, it will not. Python files referred by Python controllers are not treated as linked resources.

Included are text blocks of the exported blend file only.

[Keep in mind it have to be licensed under GPL (the same version as the blender player) when publishing.]

External Python files can be delivered when preserving the relative location within the Python search path. Typically you use the path relative to the blend/application file:



will match


Executing “Make Paths Relative” has no effect. The only effect is the Python search path which includes the path of the application file (= path of the blend that started the game).

External files can be published with any licence you like.

I hope it helps