Will Blender use a workstation class (Quadro) GPU at all?

I am casually looking for a new GPU for my machine. I would like to get an Nvidia Quadro workstation class GPU (such as a k2200 or k4000) as it would accelerate other software such as Gimp, Photoshop, and AutoCad much better than a gaming class card. However I have found that many people have noted that Blender is not suited well for workstation class cards and works better with gaming class cards. Is this true? If this is true is the case that Blender is simply not optimized for a Quadro, or will it not be able to use it at all?

Note, the Blender FAQ says “As for all 3D programs, a workstation certified for 3D graphics is always best.”. This would imply that Blender does support workstation class graphics cards if they are recommending you use a workstation.


i would look at the cuda class
is it a 2 ? a 2.2 ? 3 , a 4 ? or a 5.2 like a titan X card

a k2200 is a 5 class
a k4000 is a 3 class

Workstation cards work better with professional software certified for those cards by enabling certain features or making them better.

The main perk of a professional card is the 10 bit colour output.