Will blender use both of these?

Hey guys! Thse are my specs
AMD Ryzen 5 2400g
GeForce GTX 1050ti

My question is that under the CUDA settings blender shows both of these. So if I enable both of them will rendering use both or just one of them?
P. S The above mentioned processor has integrated graphics that’s why it is shown by blender in CUDA.

What it shows under CUDA settings is nvidia CUDA+CPU processor, not integrated gpu.

These are the combinations that you can officially use with Cycles:

CPU + nvidia CUDA
CPU + OpenCL for AMD integrated graphics

I guess your best choice for Cycles is “CPU + nvidia CUDA” (small tile sizes, ~64x64).
To take advantage of the AMD integrated GPU, you can find out if there is a way to make the AMD integrated GPU the primary display, but still be able to render with CUDA or OpenGL from nvidia on Blender. In this way your entire system will not slow down while rendering.

Cant help with orginal question, but…

There is a plug in (which i can’t think of name and im at work so I cant look at blender) that will auto select the correct tile size for CPU or Vid Card, it works really good and helps cut down on render time.

Hi. If you are referring to auto tile size addon, please do not recommend that addon to avoid confusion. That’s an old addon that existed before developers added some changes that allowed for good GPU performance with small tile sizes. Currently the recommended sizes are 32x32 for CPU only. 64x64 for GPU + CPU.

The main goal for developers in the future is that performance does not depend on the tile size that the user chooses, and make it not even an available option.

So right now, what is my best option? Just GPU or both GPU and CPU. And what tile size should be used respectively for case scenario. I once watched a blender guru tutorial where he mentioned that greater tile size like 256x256 was good for rendering faster. Thanks for your time.

In which version of Blender? That’s an old approach, and for GPU alone. Even before 2.8x there was no exact size for GPU, it was scene and GTX family dependent.
CPU render faster with small tile sizes. So if you activate CPU + GPU, it is convenient that the tile size is not so big.
In short, you use default tile sizes in 2.8, which is 64x64, which is a good average size for different hardware and circumstances.

You try it for yourself. You will probably get a better render time by enabling both, GPU and CPU.