will blender work okay on quad cores?

I am sure it will work with amd or intel.
but there is duo and quad chips now.
"the fastest dual-core from AMD is the 6400+. The fastest processor from AMD atm is the Quad-core Phenom 9950, which is 4 cores at 2.6GHz each. "

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I have a q6600 from intel and it works number one. Blender will work fine on any cpu. the more core you have, the fastest it will render (since it can split the different parts of a render to each core and render each of them at the same time). but don’t expect the number of core to have any difference in the 3d view or other part of blenders…since it’s not fully multi-threaded.

But if you can afford a quad core…go for it. you won’t regret

with the fans etc, does anyone know if amd is any quieter than intel?

I run a [email protected] at the moment and it works like a charm. Besides, intel announced another pricedrop for the old 65nm series and the lowend 45nm series for october.
Besides if you need power take an Intel… for now. They got just more power than the actual Phenoms… or wait either for the 45nm “Phenom2” or the Core i7/Nehalem.
The Core i7 will be the first intel processor with integrated memory controller, which was AMDs advantage before, while the 45nm “Phenom2” might be able to catch up with intel again…


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The AMDs are TDP beasts, its hard to cool the 65nm processors.
The Q6600 is easier to cool and good in comparison because it is 65nm production too.

I cool my Q9550 (45nm -> less TDP) with a Noctua NH U12 cooler and it runs almost unhearable with ~39°C core temperature with 31° ambient temperature in the case which makes it a delta of 8° which is awesome.
While rendering, gaming, prime95 or other 4*100% cpu load threads they heaten up to about 55-60°C but cool down within seconds again.
I have to say the Q9550 is the best processor i´ve ever had since the A64x2-3800

the fans are going to depend more on your hardware and drivers. blender has nothing to do with fan speed directly. if you have fans that throttle themselfve they will do what ever they do depending on heat. if the noise bothers you that much get better heating and a quiet fan. i didn’t say a weaker fan. they have some fans with countoured blades so the fan sound wave hit eachother canceling themselves out. not all of the sound but alot of it is eliminated.

From my research Intel uses less energy and run faster, so the Intel will run quieter because it will be using less energy to do the same job. When you buy an intel Core 2 processor at 2.00 Ghz, its like getting an AMD at 2.3-2.4Ghz they will render at the same speed even if the other has larger frequency.

I run my Phenom 24/7 at 100% - of course you can hear the fans, but I think that the noise stays in very acceptable levels. My cores are maxed out all the time for the Blender 3D BOINC team: http://boincstats.com/stats/boinc_user_graph.php?pr=bo&id=1c619ffe5f8c2bf8863d54d7fa6afd1a (join too, if you can!) and for developing Blender itself.


Your research is flawed ^^

The Phenom and de C2Q use almost the same energy, but the Intel has the better TDP, well slightly. Its hard to tell for sure because AMD states the Maximum TDP and Intel states the average TDP.
However you can only compare 65nm cores with 65nm cores.
As for AMD you have to be aware that many shops still sell Phenoms with the transition loolaside buffer bug (TLB Bug).
Actual Mainboards have a fix for that in the bios, but you´ll loose up to 20% of the power of your CPU.
If you find a shop selling the latest revision of the Phenom i´d say its all the same if you buy a intel or a amd, but intels are slightly more powerful and ATM they got a rocksolid chipset on their mainboards P35,P45,X35,X45… and for a workstation there is nothing more important than stability. IMO

(TDP = Thermal Design Power… the amount of power that it lost in heat)

Go for Intel Q9550 which is about $330-350 around the globe. I have one and love it. It has huge cache and runs cool. My new Q9550, 2.83Ghz gives me 4 times faster rendering than my older Pentium D 2.8Ghz (2 cores) :slight_smile: (I do not work for intel :slight_smile: )