Will Blender work with SOFTWARE OpenGL?

I have an oooooold Nvidia card, bought about a decade ago - I’m curious to know whether 2.8 will work with it? If not, and indeed, if I use NO 3D card, will it “fall back” to software OpenGL? I’m using Bodhi Linux, will Mesa do for this purpose?
In general, what are the min. hardware requirements to run 2.8?


I have a 12 year old box with some 8800 GTX cards which is OpenGL 3.3 capable, at least on windows. It is in storage though. I remember running plenty of opengl 3.3 core profile applications on it just fine.

The best way to find out is give it a try. Running on something that old may or may not be possible due to many reasons other than graphics cards. Software OpenGL is generally terribly slow as well so is best avoided.