Will Blender's Extrude Manifold ever be as good as 3ds Max's Smart Extrude?

It would seem Max has been giving Blender some real competition lately. Smart Extrude is a godsend and I always wanted that kind of functionality in Blender, but Extrude Manifold is nowhere near as good as that. Not even the Destructive Extrude add-on. Are the devs working on improving Extrude Manifold?

There’s a whole thread about it here.

Answering to your question: yes, Extrude Manifold will be good enough to work with it. Germano is working on it, plus there will be a better Fast Boolean. It will be commited probably for 3.1.

I don’t think Max boolean. That’s why it performs well even for highres mesh. It also works with scale and arbitrary direction. Extrude Manifold has a long way to go to match that.