Will blenders interface function with an "off the shelf" vista home, no Vid. Card?

Hello boys and girls,

Yesterday I posted a thread stating that blender won’t run on an off the shelf standard windows vista home machine(s) both a O-belinea laptop, and an Acer computer have precisely the same display problems such as: when you move the mouse over certain buttons ol’ big buck bunny keeps popping up, scaling objects causes a “trail” behind the dashed line, and if you try to set preferences, then go to another preference, the buttons from the last menu keep popping up!

I found it strange that two separate types of computers with different processors and presumably different graphics cards have precisely identical display problems. I checked the graphics drivers in both machines, and they both display “standard PnP”. The question is: Do I have to buy a special graphics card just to run blender? Or do one of you blender wizards have an elegant solution…help!

Dersch in the blender…

Blender ran fine on my HP with an nVidia 7300 card running Vista home. It ran fine on my Gateway Laptop Vista Home. Acer is not exactly top-end quality wise, it’s got to be a driver issue, not a Windows Vista issue.

I’m an American living in Holland, and when you buy a computer over here you get all of these euro-weenie brands shoved in your face. The top brands are available, but very expensive. The Acer is a computer I bought for my daughter, shes very artistic and would love to learn blender. Unfortunately the graphics problems cause the learning experience to be an irritation rather than a pleasure…should I just buy a cheap and cheerfull graphics card, or is there another workaround? (same with the O-belinea lap)

I have a computer with a cheap Intel graphics chip. It has Vista Home Premium and Ubuntu Linux installed on it. Vista has several graphics problems similar to the ones you mentioned. The box select and knife tools are invisible, I can see buttons and the splash screen in the background when I close a menu, and I can’t see renders until they are completely finished.

However, it runs perfectly on Linux. The only glitches I’ve had were caused by Compiz Fusion, which I disabled. You may want to give it a try.

Try turning off Aero.


You can run Compiz on an Intel graphics card!? :eek:

I had this same problem on my off the shelf HP vista laptop.

They all went away while running Blender in Windows XP compatibility mode. Just right click on the blender.exe file and check the “Run in Windows XP Compatibility” mode under the compatibility tab. Works nicely, but turns off Aero when you have blender open (no big deal).

This solved all the problems that you mentioned for me. The only problem I get now is a black screen every now and then. I’m thinking this is the cheap graphics card though.

if yo don’t hve a video card then i would suggest to get one which is compatible with blender

it will be a lot faster anyway for the render
but it’s your free choice

Its not about vista… Its your video card… let me gues ATI?
Vista’s Video card drivers are different from XP yes, but it is still the video card manufacturers fault if it isn’t working. I have an alienware M9750 Laptop with Dual Nvidia 8700GT’s and It has always worked great even after about 3 driver updates…Oh and I am running windows vista home premium with Areo.

Edit: I just remembered I had the same problem with my ancient IBM laptop(which I no longer use, Thank GOD!) This was under XP but I think it will work under Vista too since they are basically the same inside. Go to your display properties then open the advanced settings and go to the trouble shooting. Now this is where things are different for Vista. On xp I simply lowered the bar to a lower setting but vista has some other button which is disabled on my computer because I use a High end graphics card. If you button isnt disabled try lowering settins in there maybe OpenGL will work better. In the end the Problem you a speaking of is a problem with certain video card rendering 2D in OpenGL and there is no way to fix it in blender since blender is built off of OpenGL.

If its a laptop the odds are it doesn’t have an expansion slot for a video card.

Huh. I tried it and now Blender has no problems at all. Thanks. =)

It’s a little choppy at times, but it actually runs fairly decently.

Your video card has absolutely no bearing on the speed of rendering. Blender’s rendering is strictly handled by the CPU. A better video card will, however, improve performance in your 3D viewport, which is accelerated through OpenGL.

i tough that the render with all the shading and textures was handle trhough the vid card
accelerator which should make it a lot faster

i remember when i had my old pc with no vid card and the render was so darn slow
it was unbelievably slow but with this new pc with vid accelerator
the render it super fast for most of the render i do
and i mean with file having 500,000 vertices it is still inside 1 minutes
on this new PC

Nope. All CPU.


interesting subject but
can you give ideas what the accelerator vid card does in blender?
any doc would be nice in wiki on this subject


But your new PC probably has a faster CPU!

it’s about 4 times faster but still the render is a hec of a lot faster than 4 times

before i never had file with more 50000 vertices

and now it going super fast
so i got the feeling that the vid card has something to do with that speed increase
Note: i also have 4 BG memory which does help too by the way

in anycase is there any doc on waht the video card is used in blender ?

one more thing i saw a site where they are showing the render time for different pc and video card
and the variation in render time is wide depend on cpu memory and viedo card !


There aren’t any comprehensive articles that I’m aware of, but you can certainly get some grounding on the different technologies involved by reading this long and unkillable thread right here at Blenderartists.

in any case it seems to be faster with a video card the whitout one for blender i general
and i guess for any intense graphic application

i just hope that processors can begin to run at 20 or 50 gigahertz very soon
like it was promised by the chips manufacturesr around 2000

then we might be able to get good render time


Thanks for the advice! It worked fine for the PC…but the problem persists with the laptop…still looking

Thanks again,