Will CubeFan973 die?

It seems like just yesterday that I found elYsiun. Now, over a year later, I’ve given bad promises, no worthful posts, and something like 1600 off-topic posts. Maybe I should just kill myself. I’ve got no new ideas, and I feel that I might be held back by the community from achieving the ever-so-elusive ideal of getting a life. I might as well kill myself.

Theeth, I want you to make this an announcement. I’ve started a simple yes/no poll for old time’s sake; if, by September 10th, enough votes show that I should be dead, I will publicly kill CubeFan973, complete with a different signature & new avatar to show that I’m dead.

If I find that people actually want me to stay, I’ll try to be useful. I’ll try to keep myself within a new “no-rant” policy (hard, but I’d try). I am at a hopeless time at my life, and that is called “life.” If I am encouraged to become useful, I may try to make the best of it.

Comments are welcome.

I posted something earlier but I deleted it, because I understood that I was angry and I didn’t see things clearly…

In any case, I don’t think that you should “try to be useful” or “change attitude” just because others tell you to do so… You should do this, because you understand, that this is the right thing to do… There’s a whole lot of diference between those two… And if you make clear to the others that you honestly understood your mistakes, I don’t think that there is somebody that wouldn’t forget and forgive…

I will vote for you to stay “alive”…

Will anyone who said No please step forwrd so I can kill THEM???

you need not post anything like this d000d… just keep your name… it’s got history :stuck_out_tongue:

Just start posting up your work that you’ve spent some time on (not 5 minutes and post then the next day with another 3 minute render).

If you have any questions maje sure you’ve checked everywhere and tried your best… and then ask nicely…

Seeing another post by CubeFan will send shivers down som posters spines… so keep your nick, and post worthwhile stuff… also reply to posts with decent comments…

Up to you man…

I said no, coz cubefan’s got character, Imean, who would we compare useless spammers to if we didn’t have him? (JK cube, I want you to stay alive to see if Cubefan 973 can be changed.)

To me the main issue is this: CubeFan has expressed no regret for his act. You guys may brush it off and say it’s cute, but not me. Cube Fan can humble himself, or he can go piss up a rope. If there are no standards for CubeFan, then ALL standards are meaningless. If he wants to have his YaYa’s, fine. If it involves aggravating others, NOT FINE. This kid needs to start showing some respect or move on. Cute little trolls grow into big obnoxious trolls and cyber stalkers.


Just noticed, CubeFan was banned. Probably the best thing for us all.

So, the dice has been cast…

how can you tell?

The answer to this topic looks like yes, doesn’t it.


how can you tell?[/quote]
Tell what? That he’s banned or that it’s best?

Stefano said that he was banned in the spamming thread. As far as the best thing goes, I don’t think you can really doubt that.


always like that…I think he made a thread like that a few months ago…after he posted alot of spam in the forum and everyone was angry…

he’s trying to get us to have pity of him…sure I won’t vote YES because I don’t want anyone to die just for things he did on the net…but I just want him to stop posting shit!..I hate when people use the “pwoer of life” to convince the others :x

Someone needs a major attitude adjustment.

I was once the way cubey here is, self-pitying, self-satisfying, stuck-up, it’s-everyone-elses-fault, jerk-arse idiot, with a chip on my shoulder.

I quickly found out that life aint l337. In fact life is unfair, life is t3h suxx3r2!!!1!

Ask yourself the following:

Do I have someone in my life who loves me for who I am, unconditionally?

Do I have 3 decent meals a day?

Do I have a way to get education?

Can I read and write?

Am I healthy?

Then look at your life to see what’s sooooooooooo bad about it!

There’s no question about it…

We got rid of him, He got rid of us…

It was the best thing after all…