will cycles ever be a biased render engine

i seen in the interwebs that they are heading in that direction… is this true?

and if they are going in this direction will it run on gpu?

Cycles is already a bit biased… Stuff like the ray visibility per objects, no caustic option, filter glossy option, clamping the render all are biased rendering options…

All this stuff works on the gpu.

It will never be a raster/gradient based renderer or a REYES renderer. It will always be based on path tracing code, and will therefore be based on a physically correct materials system. Aside from that, as an artist, you really don’t need to worry yourself between biased and unbiased, as there are no agreed upon meanings for these terms. Technically ALL renderers are a little biased as they don’t allow for unlimited bounces (for obvious reasons) but because of their sampling the light paths will always average out to a correct answer based on the information fed into the renderer. In this respect Cycles is unbiased. The only shortcuts it takes are the ones you tell it to. All light interactions are, by default, accurate.

Agreed, Cycles already has options for introducing bias for things like managing fireflies and speeding up renders.

Though as far as more options are concerned, Brecht has before expressed interest in eventually adding things like a shading cache, which might be seen as smoothing and interpolating the lighting to make things appear smooth on less samples, and when that comes to be would definitely be an option for bias if one needed it.

well im working for these people and we are making an animation it takes around 20 hours of rendering for 5 seconds of animation that is way to much that is on 3 gpus

Keep in mind that production animation can routinely take 8 hours or more per frame. CG animation is not for the weak of heart, or weak of computer. Anyone with the hopes of rendering a good-looking short film on a home computer is either going to have to have a lot of time to spare, or be willing to cut some corners in terms of quality.

The numbers you quoted mean that you’re rendering one frame every 10 minutes. That’s really not bad at all. Most studios would shoot themselves to be able to render that fast on a commercial project.

5 seconds = 120 frames… 20 hours for 120 frames on 3 gpus = 30 minutes per frame. How are you lighting the scenes? how many indirect bounces? what is your tile size / render size? Many transparencies going on etc.etc?

have you had a look through this article = http://www.blenderguru.com/4-easy-ways-to-speed-up-cycles/ ?

i know how to do those things XD its probably as optimized as its going to get… its being rendered at 1080p so the time doesn’t sound that bad :smiley: