Will eevee engine get speed up in blender feature releases?

Eevee is very very slow compared with unity or unreal
Can the speed be improved in the feature?

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Eevee has no intention of being as fast as Unreal or Unity. It is not a game engine, and can therefore soon for much higher quality effects than you are limited to with a goal of hitting 30 or 60 frames per second. The jittered area soft shadows are a good example of this. A better comparison for render times would be Marmoset Tool bag.


In my tests on some animations, I’ve noticed that many times it’s the evaluation of the geometry that takes a lot of time, even on solid mode I’m getting 10/15 Fps and by using eevee I just loose a few fps.
But that really depend on the case, if a use a lot of textures and all eevee features it slow down a lot more.

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While I don’t know what the roadmap is regarding Eevee and performance, I would assume that it will improve like every other part of Blender has over time. Look at how Cycles has improved over the years for an example of how Eevee is likely to improve, regardless of whether or not the Blender Foundation prioritizes performance. Since 2.80 is likely to attract a lot of new users and developers, it seems almost inevitable Eevee will improve over time both in terms of visual quality and performance as some users and especially companies that use Blender and NEED more performance will find ways of improving it.

When it will happen and who will implement improvements is what we don’t know, but I very much expect Eevee and Blender 2.80 as a whole will get faster over time as developers gradually notice things that can be improved. Hopefully there will be some more optimisation work done before 2.80 release, but even if it’s not optimal at release, it’s likely to be improved once the release cycles get back to normal.

I have a scene with a mesh that has 12 instance with 4K texture, the viewport gets slow.

even marmoset would suffer rendering all that in realtime

I just open the same file in a newer version of 2.8, speed has improved in the viewports!

At some point if eevee gets really laggy that may be that the GPU ram is full and it’s start to swap to refresh the viewport.

I have a RTX 2080Ti thats 11 GB of VRAM, I doubt it was all used up…I think it might be just the beta status like I mention I tried the same scene on a newer build and it runs great, night and day difference.

Speed is important but I’d like to see EEVEE use the RT core for real time ray tracing that requires Vulkan API.

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