Will game engine get back to blender upgraded?

Hello everyone!

I noticed that BGE is missing from new versions of blender and my question is:
Will blender get its game engine back?

BGE is worth getting back to blender upgraded with different modes ex: 2D / 3D
mobile optimized or desktop optimized

please make the next versions of blender have the game engine upgraded/better/optimized as is see it’s a game engine that worth!

it’s already being worked on by Youle and Loki

there is eevee render + logic node addon + tons more candy

this is my current project in engine

it’s already amazing.

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There is an interactive mode planned but its unknown when it will come. But that’s not a game engine it’s for previewing.

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Uuuhm. No. Unfortunately not.

According to a statement at Blender Conference last year, interactive mode has silently been abandoned. See seperate thread.

And although a lot of people here on the forum would like to see the UPBGE fork being part of Blender at some day, this seems unlikely to happen at the moment.

Basically, if you want a good game engine socketed into blender 2.8 either use the engines that donated to the BF,
Once they have better wysiwyg tools…

Or use upbge.

Someone may think that the bf took a bribe by their behavior.

Why not telling to the developers that we want BGE back to blender again?
BGE was like the coolest option because you had everything in 1 program so, you created your game without even leaving blender so that’s less time spend waiting for programs to respond or sync with the cloud or transferring from external HDD to your computer etc etc etc…

What you guys say?

What good game engines donated to BF? can i have a list of good working game engines that actually work in the newest blender releases (like blender 2.82)

id rather see a seamless, effortless pipeline between blender and other game engines than an interactive mode.

there is a con people tend to gloss over, the editor files are the game files. larger objects demand larger chunks of memory, obsfuscation becomes an issue, extra miles walked for optimization. there is a cost for having editor functionality at runtime.

pro is, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. the concept of game systems wielding the power of bpy is absolutely nuts, the workflow is speedy and flexible. you get that in exchange for performance.

an interactive component, bge or otherwise, packed with blender isn’t going to be the best option for everybody but is still a pretty cool thing to have, just not going to happen anytime soon. there is simply no interest in developing such a thing right now, that’s what i can infer. we have upbge so i’m a-okay with that, itd be nice if they hadn’t lied to our faces though. dont get my hopes up for nothing maan.

the name of the game is write me an importer. convert these blender datablocks into something unity can read. now do the same for unreal. now urho. now godot. and so on and so on.

honestly i think engine developers should adopt a model more alike openBRF. you pack your data in a very specific way, provide an editor for the small tweaks, everybody is happy. but naaah, lazy .objs for everybody and rebuild every last material. the nerve on these people!

Oh, so your not a supporter of UPBGE 0.3 anymore :thinking: ?

Through thick and thin, for better or worse, till death do us part! I love you so much Blender/Upbge :laughing: