Will I get full benefit out of a Spacemouse Enterprise or Pro if i already have an ergodox keyboard?

I’m a Blender newb, and i’m just getting used to the interface. I’m setting up my workspace. As a Linux user/programmer I spend most of my energy on my keyboard in a terminal in vim, so as such I have an Ergodox ez coming to me.

I’d get an Enterprise spacemouse, but I’m wondering if i really need all that, given that the keyboard can store macros, and has multiple layers of keys that you can customize. As well, I’m not sure that all of the extra buttons will work under Linux anyhow.

In the reviews that I’ve watched about the Spacemice there is differing opinion on whether an Enterprise is worth the jump from a Pro, but none of them were Blender specific, and some thought that the compact was enough.

How much more useful is a enterprise vs a pro, vs a compact for a Blender user. For those of you that have used all 3 do you really find it worth it to have an enterprise, or is a pro or a compact enough? What features would you miss if you had a lesser model?