Will i really see a noticible difference between a cl18 versus cl16 memory kit

Hi guy’s me again, i receive all the parts for my new blender rig and after reading quit a bit over the subject i am still not sure if i should return my 32 gb 3600 mhz (2x16) tridentz neo cl 18 18-22-22-42 kit and change it for a cl 16 kit instead.
Will i really see any difference in blender with cl18 instead of cl16 since i have all the parts and i will have to wait for a few days more if i return it?

Thank for any advice

If you serach for this you get different oppinions. Faster RAM is faster if the motherboard use thhe timming. The question is:

Are you shouveling data or computing most of the time?

So is this you computing or you working unit… and most of all: can you afford it? Do you think you need that 0.1% (or 5%) extra power ?? If you use alot of vertices/textures etc you may be better with 64GB… or three 4080 QTXY graphic cards :wink:

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It’s perfectly fine and according to most i wont see the difference! We all get caught by these speed tech freaks that use benchmark to squeeze 1 to 3% more of a dimm stick.