Will I slide????!!

I tried to follow the rig tutorial as much as possible, but one step didn’t work for me (don’t know which one now). So, by taking a look at this, do you think it will slide when animated?



sorry my peoples, but I need to know if once I start animating will the leg slide out of place when walking and mess up my whole animation? plz help!

well, that would depend entirely on how carefully you animate the walkcycle, not really on the rig. unless you’re using a fully FK rig, which it doesn’t look like. sliding or not is up to you.

or maybe I don’t understand your question?

As long as the leg is IK, that should take care of most sliding problems. Unless I misunderstand what you mean.

Nope, you guys understood me correct. See, earlier I read in a tutorial that something like this can happen. So, I thought I would check because I am not very familiar with animation in blender, and I didn’t have lots of problems with animation in other programs. So, I wasn’t sure.