Will my rendered objects show the same in unity?

I asked this question yesterday but I think it was worded incorrectly. I just need to know if all the work I am doing in blender is going to show in unity. For example I made a glass whiskey bottle, would the material and label and all that show up when I export to unity or is it going to just be a gray blob? I don’t want to continue to put many hours into something and its not going to work properly.

If that is the case, how do I get it to show properly in unity?

Thank you!

The model will show in Unity, the UV layers will show in Unity, the material slots will show in Unity.
The materials themselves won’t be imported (except for their name), the textures will not be linked/imported, the modifiers will all be applied so they won’t be imported either, the particle systems won’t be imported.

Thank you for the response. Anyone that is also having questions about getting materials to unity I found this awesome guide!