Will not be around here much from now on

This is goodbye :frowning:
No, just kidding :D. BUT, I will not be around the community anymore for some time now. This applies not only to Elysiun, but also blender.org, wings community and cgtalk. But I will be back later, of course!

The reason is simple - I’ve decided to do some serious work on my demo-reel - “ExoEntity”. To succeed in doing so, I need a lot of time, without distractions, and I also need to freeze all software in its current state.

I waste far too much time in the forementioned communities to be able to do serious work. Don’t take this the wrong way - I enjoy being here chatting about the 3D-stuff we all love, but it is no doubt eating up a lot of precious time that I should use more wisely.

You all know what happens - this and that plugin or new release of Blender or Wings or some new render export feature etcetera etcetera… A lot of fun, of course, but it also tends to break certain workflows from time to time due to differences in data exchange primarily, or change of some secondary system that renders old and reliable solutions useless. Or you end up spending a lot of time making the old things work again in the new setup…
So, to make sure nothing gets in the way, I will simply not install any new releases of any applications until my reel is completed.

Whenever I’ve got something major to show, I’ll get back here again - until then I wish you all good luck with all your projects!

…::frozen software-list::…

Blender 2.25/2.26 & tuhopuu releases <= march 23
Blender 2.23 (for VRML+UV import)
Wings 0.98.08a–d
YafRay, POV-ray 3.5
Assorted python scripts
Assorted sequence and texture plugins


Happy blending!


good luck :smiley:


so what sofware are you using? btw, good luck as well! :smiley:

Good idea and good luck.

Good luck with the work JamesK. I can totally understand your thought process behind this decision.

Keep us posted on your progress though.


Hope it goes well.
Will enjoy looking at the result when it’s finished.