Will pay for Code that visualizes pixel Density using Vertex Colors!

Hey coders! I’m looking for someone to write me an Addon that calculates texel density (just like Ivan Vostrikov’s “Texel density checker”, but with a special request:
*The user selects the mesh
*The user enters a texture resolution e.g variable _Tx =1024x1024 or 1024x2048
*The user enters a number range starting from 1(lowest possible pixel density) to an expected maximum pixel density (e.g 3000pixel/cm)
*The User pushes a button
*The program calculates pixel density of each UV face and uses a formula to map the pixel density obtained from the mesh onto a gradient Blue->Green->Red. For e.g the range 1-3000px/cm is mapped with 1px/cm mapped onto blue and the highest number mapped onto red.
*The program then bakes this mapped color gradient into vertex color of the asset and automaticallly switches to vertex display mode.
*Button to clear vertex colors.

Huge bonus if the program had a button “Real time calculation” which would rebake vertex color after every edit of the object’s UVs.

i an interested in working on your project. would be great to discuss this in more detail via email [email protected] or skype me: live:amanda_17153
, and figure out a way to implement a solution for you.


i think is much better that you talk to him and ask him that yourself, for he can add that feature…

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