Will render stamps include more options in the future?

I would like to stamp my renders with more information, than I can currently check in the Blender 2.65 stamp options. For example: AA samples, AO on or off, SSS yes no and so on. I know I could write that down in the note tab, but I sometimes do 3 or for 4 different test renders and forget to annotate the differences. The next day I don’t know what options were checked.

Why not include a pop-up dialog box with all blender parameters and a search field? Is my workflow/ my idea stupid or is there a chance of that being included in upcoming releases?

It sounds more like an idea for an AddOn rather than a new/extended feature. Quite frankly, I have never used the stamp at all, I just include that kind of information in the filename or folder itself if I am doing multiple tests.