Will she... (Work in progress)

… say yes?

A little side project for the day, inspired by another post. Figured I’d toss it up for everyone’s comments and criticisms.


I think the texturing on the floor and red wrapping need improving, and maybe a little more light inside the lid. That’s a great render for only a day though!

Nice pic,
try some loop cuts near the edges of the box and subsurf mod to soften the edges, looks to sharp she might cut her fingers…

good pic.
but renderer that support caustics and dispersion would make image much better, imo.
especially for gem.

i whonder whose post inspired you? =p

round the edges of the box and shine up the ring and i think it will look great!
the mesh for the ring looks very accurate

9 minutes to render at the moment - I have rendered entire rooms faster.

@Stumpy: Thanks. I have been working on my speed a bit. I am trying for a more “fuzzy” or velvet look for the box. Right now I am trying to just nail down the overall scene, then I will work on some fine tuning on these textures.

@Sudai: Thanks. I tried using subsurf, but it got applied to the entire box, rounding the opening instead of just rounding the corners. I did some subdivisions which rounded the corners though for the new render.

@Thesis: Thanks, not sure if I will try this in another render - for right now I am mostly using this as a way to get more practice with Blender, but I will keep the option in mind as I continue tweaking.

@netmanx: I based the design on the concept of a replacement ring, with a groove to symbolize the combo engagement/wedding bands that are becoming common. As far as the inspiration, I’ll never say! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the latest render, where I tried to smooth the edges somewhat. I know it still needs more tweaking, but it is getting closer to where I am trying to get. I picture this as the unseen person is getting ready for the big proposal date, but stops, just staring at the ring in the box, doubts flooding in.

So, to drive this setup home, I want to add a bit of clutter to the table to convey that. I’ll admit, I am shocked how well the cuff link came out (IMO at least). Any thoughts on other clutter that might be appropriate?


Hi here is a quick example of a subsurf box hope it helps with taming corners when applying the modifier, crease mode is a good option as well if you want sharper edges.



SubsurfBox.blend (37.7 KB)

good but try other render for better results

if in clutter you mean more objects, how about a single rose laying down on table