Will someone help this quest be completed?

I have been working on an action/adventure game recently and it is my major project. Here is a little screenshot/promo for it:

I tend to like using really low poly models like that, its my style. More info on its project page at my site here (the page a WIP in itself)

Anyway, I have encountered some problems while creating this game.

1)There are a lot of useless datablocks in my file which i want to clean up but when i go into the datablock browser and try to delete one, it tells me it cant delete it and there has been an error and to check the console; when i check it, there is no error reported at all!

2)When I play my game and check the console afterwards, it says that physics frames were dropped. What is causing this problem?
Both errors occur in version 2.37b.

I would also like to ask the help of an experienced coder that has worked with the blender game engine code and can compile a build with everything in 2.37b but with the tic rates of 2.34. If this could be done then it would be the engine used to create this game.

Thanks in advance for your help

Nobody wants to help me? If anyone has some idea of why I’m having these problems could you please post?

  1. :-? This is sad, lol, I’ve been using blender for awhile now and still haven’t got the terms down. When you say datablocks are you refering to shift-F4? Hmm, always thought that was only for selecting objects.

  2. Yeah that happens sometimes. Heh, run the game on a better computer or just decrease the things you have in it, ie: physics interactions, or just the sheer size of the game.

Ehh, if you’re still having problems. Heh, try posting a .blend, cause more people can help out when they actually have the problem in front of them.

Jason Lin

Yeah thats what im talking about. When you press ‘x’ with a datablock selected it asks you if you want to delete but it doesnt work.

I figured that. I think it started after I added a timer property to an item but I really need that property so I cant get rid of it. Unfortunately the computer I’m using now is the best I’ve got for now and I also would like my game to be playable on lower end computers as well.

I’m slightly reluctant to post a blend of my file but I think I will after I isolate the scene which is causing problems.