Will someone help to find this character's name?



I’ve found as an avatar this little cute character. I’ve seen this in other places, and I would like to find out more. Having no name, I can’t.

Does someone know his name, or his tribe’s name, or something?
Thanks a lot.

Be well

PS : in case you would wonder, I’m not a kawaii-style geek, in normal life :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m not mistaken, that’s Invader Zim’s deranged-robot-disguised-as-an-earth-dog, GIR.

sigh, too bad the show’s not around anymore.

IMO, that particular character ain’t kawaii at all. It only LOOKS kawaii.

Hey, indeed, if this is a psychotic robot, he is not kawaii at all!
Thanks for the info, and the link.

Be well

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Oh yes, that is indeed GIR! He is not psychotic in the “will kill you in your sleep” fashion. He’s more psychotic in the “will respond to questions about burning smell by screaming FOODFIGHT and proceed to eating nearby furniture”. To his master (Zim’s) great disappointment, GIR is, in fact, a cute and cudly thing, who has an insane appetite (and emotional relation) to Mexican food.

Ooooooo, mus tread Wiki on him… TACOS!!!