Will switching scenes reduce lag?

For the first time ever in my life, I am making a game that will last longer than 3minutes!
I am making a forest, and I have a lot of tress, the game is 3< mb (so far, iv’e only begun!)
but I am experienceing MINOR lag, I’ll be walking, then BAM! Skips a frame.

When I make more scenes, will it still be laggy?
For example, could I make a 3GB game, use a bunch of scenes, and not experience lag/slowness?

Thanks for the information! :wink:

Only if the scenes run at the same time (background and overlay scenes).
If you switch to another scene the old one will be removed and not processed anymore.

Not sure how to make background/overlay scenes, so thats good. Thanks!
Another question though, how many scenes can you make in blender? Is there a limit,
does it increase the possibility of crashing?

does it increase the possibility of crashing?

We’ve had problems with crashing when switching scenes, The way pgftgs got round it for Wizzardz and Tome was to have the scenes in separate files then start the game from that file(there’s an actuator for it).

I don’t know whether there’s a limit on the amount of scenes in 1 .blend, but with with external files the only limit would be the size of the harddrive.

I see, would 5-10 scenes be too much?

I never had crashes on switching scenes. But i never used match. I would say just try it. Btw. switching to a different blend is like starting a new game.

Crashing on switching scenes hey? I know exactly why.
When you libLoad a scene from an external blend, and that scene adds another scene, then when you remove the first scene (with teh set-scene actuator) blender crashes. I filed a bug report on this.

If you know what causes a crash, you can avoid it easily enough. Generally scenes don’t cause crashes, no more often than anything else.