Will The Banner Return

Hey everyone, BA has been back up for a while now, but the Banner and home pages, history, etc. Have not returned, will they come back? Or are things just going to stay the way they are for now? Just curious is all, the banner for BA was like the one from the Blender.org home page, and I felt it was important for people to really know what the site was all about.

Its not easy to implement? It didn’t take you all long to get the Blender Cookie Vehicle Modeling series advertisement up, am I the only one confused by this?

No need to take a jab at us. :slight_smile:

If it was easy to implement we would have, but unfortunately it isn’t. The developer that we pay to help us is currently swamped.

Though we meet weekly and it is brought up every week on the status of the feature. We are expanding on it to give more exposure to the featured images that are pushed up there.

Please understand that adverts are a necessary evil that we must run to keep paying for the server and our crew that helps out. We are very internally aware to keep adverts to a minimum and work to have them Blender/cg related as much as possible.

Thanks for hanging with us on the site and if you have ideas also towards the featured banner, or personal that could help, definitely drop me an e-mail directly at [email protected]

Talk more soon

Sorry about the jab, that was rude of me:o, I don’t understand what is required in the coding of websites. But I look forward to seeing the banner return, it is most interesting to see whats up there. Thanks for the quick replys.