Will the future interaction mode allow game creation like blender game engine

If the blender game engine does get changed to Blender Interaction Mode, will it allow people to create games like the present game engine. Will yo frankie kind of games be possible.

We hope so.

I see it that way:

It will merge the needs of a near-realtime rendering for preview with the realtime rendering of the game engine.

This way we get rid of two different methods to define interactions (preview vs. game engine). This is a large step towards consistency. This can be a good step towards an authoring tool for artists. It might be even possible to use the preview as render output too (to be used as Machinima).

So yes you will still make games (which is finally an interactive movie ;)).

hopefully, because i plan on making a gta kind of game in 2014 with blender. I can’t make it now because i don’t have the resources but they will come in 2014.
I will want to release it too

You still can use 2.68 and earlier :wink:

I wish not to need to