WILL the game

Hello all

I don’t think all of you come to see what happens in the Blender game engine part of this forum, so I have decided to post here something I think might be interesting for all not just people who works or wanna :rolleyes: work with Blender Game engine.
We made an Game named WILL.
The game runs on windows XP for now, but if you have different platform on your toy then you can download the source code or wait till it’ll be ready for your platform.
The story:
The pilot part of the project is dedicated to swimming; the game itself is a story of four chapters. We live the game through eyes of the main hero, who accompanies all situations by his internal voice to identify with the topic the most. After an apparently amiable opening when we go swimming, the first level becomes more dramatized and we suffer an injury, with which we shall fight further on. Simple game controls become more complicated and we start to have trouble swimming, as does the main hero. We do not give up and having visited a public swimming pool in the second level, we arrive to the third, being give a chance to practice with actual members of our Paralympics swimming team to encounter the fight for the most valuable prize in Beijing. It is not an easy task as we may experience very difficult controlling of the game itself. It is obvious that besides abilities the WILL always wins.
hope you find the way how to play the game unless it’s in Czech language (check HOWTO.txt )…the English version is on the way. We will publish the CZ-EN version after we’ll have all text dubbed in English…it might takes week or so :wink:

almost forgot… http://powerofwill.cz enjoy

Hi! The game looks really cool, but I cant acces the site you’v linked to, so cant try it out :frowning:

sorry, fixed :stuck_out_tongue: