Will the LHR on the new RTX 3000 Ti cards throttle blender CUDA rendering?

The light hash rate mining limiter on the new RTX 3000 GPU’s from Nvidia works by throttling applications that use CUDA.

Does this mean that cycles rendering with CUDA and Optix will be significantly reduced?

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From what I understand from their blog post, it should only affect Ethereum related stuff.

Further confirming a few lines down that


The LHR will be hacked within one day.

I’d like to have this question answered as well.


How can you say it? Do you have any proof?

he’s probably just going on history: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-hacks-own-geforce-rtx-3060-anti-mining-lock

They already tried this and it was swiftly hacked.

its getting to the point where gaming cards shouldnt have cuda/compute at all. compared to gamers, 3d rendering is a minority. unpopular opinion.

uhm… games also need cuda, rtx and tensor cores… :slight_smile:

i was under the impression rtx cores were different from cuda :thinking:

I also heard it was ethereum specifically and even other coins would mine at full speed.

i am not sure how much overlap there is but many games also need compute abilities. for physics and such things…

You fail to grasp even the most basics of video card workings. You essentially propose gaming videocards to be a box of plastic and metal and do nothing at all. GPU = Graphics Processing Unit, if the device does not process info, eg compute, then what should it do? RT cores are only small percent of the GPU that do after processing to assume where the main cores would’ve get to, if given more time.